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In the real world, we need an ecosystem to protect medicines and the patients who depend on them

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Certain commodities require strict maintenance of specific temperatures during transportation, such as pharmaceuticals or high-tech components that are very sensitive to storage conditions。Temperature control logistics focuses on ensuring the safe storage and transportation of temperature sensitive goods。

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Our customers choose air freight for safety, speed and flexibility。Our customers' needs include the ability to quickly obtain certification of packaging solutions based on the specific needs of a particular drug and the selection of partners with the capabilities, knowledge and global network to meet their needs。The key to safe delivery of temperature-sensitive products is all about proven "actual combat" capabilities。

"The key to safe delivery of temperature-sensitive products is all about proven 'combat' capabilities。」

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Wintek is an open platform service provider providing global services through a range of partners in the aviation and cargo industries。Our active temperature control solutions are specially developed for air cargo and meet all airworthiness standards, technical requirements and good pharmaceutical shipping practices。

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Wintek develops, manufactures and provides innovative container leasing solutions, including certification, support and services, for pharmaceutical products requiring a temperature-controlled environment。With the world's largest active container scale, the most extensive network and over three decades of industry expertise, we are able to meet customers' demands for innovative and reliable solutions for global transportation。No matter at the port of origin or destination。

We operate globally through an open network of airlines and freight forwarders, headquartered just outside Stockholm, Sweden。

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